Job Details

Title: Systems Architect/ Analyst
Closing Date: 31st May, 2023
System Architect/Analyst is responsible for providing expert support to existing and upcoming internal business applications
Minimum Qualifications:

Graduate Engineer (B.E Computer Science) from a recognized university

Professional Registration:


Minimum Experience :

2+ years of experience in Software Engineering and Development

Key Skills:

Very good knowledge of Operating systems and Databases, • Software Engineering and Programming skills in JAVA, PHP or C# • General understanding of technical concepts and skills such as SQL, Oracle/MS SQL Server • ITIL certification

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    • e.g. Senior_Network_Administrator_Bwalya_Mpundu_CVnote

Note: if you previously applied for this particular job and made a mistake in applying by sending an incorrect CV or Application and wish to change the file, simply re-upload the file and re-apply to update the previous document.

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